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For Bicycle Services, Custom Builds, Wheel Building and Coaching.

Servicing BicycleWith Kim you get an excellent service on your cycle.  It just works better than it has before.  It doesn’t matter if your bicycle is a 3 to multi speed commuter, an electric cycle, a semi professional speed machine, or a fully fledged professional cycle; Kim has your back.

Theres is no better place to have your cycle serviced than at North Adelaide Cycles.

In January Kim is very busy with the “Tour Down Under”,  He is flat out servicing cycles for the amateur “Tour Down Under” events.  There is a such huge line up waiting for his services, people have to prepare for 2-3 months before the race making sure there trusty “stead” is ready for the gruelling events.

Got an emergency and Kim will do his best to “save” you.

Custom Builds
Bicycle PartsCreating individually tailored bicycles to suit you, for optimum performance.  If you want something to fit on a bicycle that others say “will not”, just contact Kim.

If you want to fit a gear range, electronic & hydraulic gear shifters, wheels or anything else – Kim can do it. He currently fits electronic derailleur systems; SRAM (eTap), Shimano (DI) and Campagnolo EPS.  He also updates the firmware on these systems.

Want a bicycle built for two,  a unique single powered cycle or one made to specifically match your body type – It can be done by Kim.

With experience dating back to when he has just 15, and a continued passion about cycles – Kim knows everything about bicycles and how to source specialised parts.

Kim is a bicycle artist – creating, designing and producing unique masterpieces in his workshop.



Wheel Building
Bicycle WheelsKim is an experienced and qualified “Wheelsmith”.

Before he ventured into his own Bicycle business, he had extensive experience in Wheel Building for Southcott.  After building tens of thousands pairs of wheels for the Avanti bicycle range, he is an absolute expert in Wheel building.

Whether you want expertly made “Custom Wheels” or a repair to your existing Wheels, make an arrangement to see Kim at North Adelaide Cycles.

Computer TrainingSure you can get on a cycle and pedal, but have you ever wondered why some people make easier  work of cycling than you despite the same physical fitness.  What you don’t know is they have been to a cycling coach – probably Kim, to adapt their cycle to their body and fix a number of bad habits.

Kim applies his skills, experience and scientific tools to increase your efficiency and power.  Scientific analysis tools are; Infocranks by Verv Cycling for Power Testing , Computrainer by Racermate for Pedal Stroke Analysis and Simulated Training.  Kim can tell you where you are going wrong and then track improvements over time as skills are improved and optimum adjustments are made between the body and machine.

It is quite surprising the difference in performance that can be achieved.

Get the most out of your cycling, by ringing Kim at North Adelaide Cycles.



Arrange your next Service or Coaching Session - 0448 567 788

By Appointment;
1 Ward St, North Adelaide SA
0448 567 788

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About Kim & North Adelaide Cycles

DerailerQuality Automative Training – Reg No: 98056 Certificate III in Bicycles (Mechanics)

Australian Cycling Federation Inc. – Certificate Coach Accreditation – Cycling Level 1

Bicycle SA – Bike Ed Instructor Training Course

South Australian Police – Traffic Marshal – Emergency and Major Event

The Early Years
Seems like Kim was always destined to be involved in the Bicycle industry. At 15 he became a Bicycle Mechanic and Wheel Builder.

Then when he needed something else to occupy his time he worked at Next Gen gym in North Adelaide as a spin instructor and carrying out body profiling involving tasks such as measuring body fat percentages and analysing blood samples.

Bicycle Racing Experience
North_Adelaide-Cycles_racing-and-certificatesKim while being an excellent builder and repairer of bicycles, was also involved in racing.

Kim was a;

  • Elite A Grade Road Racer
  • Downhill and Cross Country Racer

Kim was one of the original organisers and racers in the Cross Country events in South Australia.

Fire Fighting
Fire ServiceKim was working for the “firies” doing physiology and rehab work, before he ventured into the cycling business with a friend.

The friend pulled out and so Kim decided to leave the “firies” and go into the retail cycling business.

Kim has always been generous with his time and support. For instance he help out in the 2007 World Police and Fire Games.  His help was most appreciated, “Kim, Thanks for the loan of the bikes.  Couldn’t have done it without you” – Bo Kummelehne (L.A.C.D. Fire).

Coast Cycles
Coast CyclesKim previously has had extensive experience in Wheel Building for Southcott where he built tens of thousands pairs of wheels for the Avanti bicycle range.

From there he had a bicycle business at Henley Beach for 6 and a half years.  It was a successful business which expanded into three shop frontages – 2 for bikes and 1 for a gymnasium (bringing his skills of physiology and rehab work).

North Adelaide Cycles
North Adelaide Cycles - Ward StAfter Coast Cycles Kim formed North Adelaide Cycles and moved into Melbourne St., North Adelaide for 6.5 years,  where he is most remembered and sorely missed.  He was mostly known for his expert cycle servicing and cycling coaching.

Kim decided to move away from the retail bicycle industry and concentrate on where his passion lies.   In 2014 he moved into his home garage next to his wife’s hairdressing salon to concentrate on  – coaching, services (including Wheel Builds and repairs) and custom builds.

Kim has kept the name of North Adelaide Cycles where he provides; Services, Custom Building, Wheel Repairs and Building and Coaching.
You will still find excellent service at North Adelaide Cycles – but sorry no bikes are sold.


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